Newly developed combined sensor for the Smart Home

By | 2022-01-30

Netatmo has introduced its combined security sensor for the smart home. The novelty not only combines the functions of two sensors (opening and motion), but also supports the new standard of smart home Matter, which is to be launched in the first half of 2022.

How does the new Nenatmo sensor work?

Smart Security Sensor – is a combination of the classic window or door opening sensor, and the classic infrared motion sensor.

The main function is the opening sensor, which works due to a small magnet that closes a built-in reed switch.

Open and Close Sensors

The Smart Home starts with an opening and closing sensor that is installed on the front door. A sensor activation is conveniently used as a trigger for starting different scenarios. For example, when you return home, the TV, heater, or humidifier are automatically turned on. And when you leave, the lights go out in all rooms, unnecessary appliances are turned off and security mode is triggered.

The built-in motion sensor, on the other hand, completes the level of security. It allows the sensor to alert the owner of unauthorized activity, even if the window was opened for ventilation.

Netatmo Smart Alarm System with Camera smart home kit

Compatibility with other Smart Home systems

Thanks to THREAD and MATTER compatibility, the Netatmo smart security sensor can interface with all compatible products, regardless of brand.

As a stakeholder in this standard, Netatmo continues to open up access to the smart home to as many consumers as possible.

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