How Often Should You Paint Your House Interior?

By | 2021-05-08

Why do we need to repaint the walls in our home?

Painting is a good and relatively easy way to refresh the interior of your home. There are many options on how this can be done, from painting on your own with a can of paint to professional help from a craftsman. It is also a great way to change dull colors.

To keep the interior of your home always looking fresh, you should repaint the inside walls every 2-5 years.

But if you suddenly decide to redesign your rooms or change your furniture, you’ll probably need to repaint sooner than that.

If you have enough inspiration, patience, and money, you can do it whenever you want.

A lot depends on your family’s lifestyle or the number of active people living in your home. You may need repairs and painting often to keep the walls from looking faded and to repair any damage that may have occurred.

If you have children who like to play with a ball at home or paint on the walls, they may damage the wall surfaces.

Either way, some areas in your home need more regular paint updates than others.

How often should you paint your hallways?

The hallways in your home need painting most of the time because they wear out more than other parts of the house. You may look closely at the walls and find scuffs, fingerprints, and damaged corners.

Sometimes washing the walls fixes these imperfections, but sooner or later, you will have to repaint and refresh them.

Ideas for hallway design (сlick to enlarge photo):

So, repairs will have to be done about every two years – more often than on other surfaces.

How often do you need to paint your bathroom and kitchen?

For the most cases, the kitchen and bathroom are the busiest and most visited rooms in the house. Because of this, they also need to be painted more frequently.

You can update your kitchen not only by painting the walls, but also by repainting the furniture and even removing the walls. See before/after (click photo to enlarge):

Even despite the exhaust system in the kitchen, grease and smoke from cooking can settle not only on furniture but also on the ceiling and walls. Splatter from washing dishes and frying on the stove can also stain and ruin surfaces.

Do I need to wash my kitchen walls before repainting?

Absolutely, if there are people in the house who smoke in the kitchen. Tobacco smoke settles an oily buildup on the walls and can make the new paint worse for the surface.

You should also wash the walls before painting if you have a gas stove or if there is just grease buildup on the walls from cooking to avoid the paint coming off.


Don’t forget to wipe off any marker marks from the surfaces, as they can bleed through the paint!

For the kitchen, and especially for the bathroom, it’s best to use quality, water-based paints so that you can then wash the painted surfaces.

Besides, they will also last longer. You will need to renew the paint in these areas every three to four years.

The bathroom is always wet and humid. It can cause the paint to deteriorate more quickly, and the walls can start to bubble. Also, water stains sometimes settle on the walls and are not easy to remove. You can solve this problem with a paint refresher.

Read the article about how to choose a color for the bathroom.

How often do you need to refresh the paint in your bedrooms?

The timing of when to start renovating a bedroom depends on who lives in it. In a children’s room, you should do it more often for several reasons:

  • children change color preferences more often because they grow up quickly. Today they like green, and six months later, they like pink
  • rapid deterioration of walls. These are drawings on the walls, scratches from toys, scuffs on baseboards from shoes, marks from children’s palms
  • changing to age-appropriate furniture sometimes requires updating the paint
  • when moving furniture, you may notice scuffs on the walls compared to where the cupboards stood
  • you need to change the color of the paint to make the new furniture look more harmonious in the room

Therefore, you should repaint the child’s bedroom every 1-3 years.

If the bedroom is for adults, you can paint the walls less often, about once every 3-4 years.

You can do it more often if you want to change the design or update the faded paint.

Repaint additional bedrooms and guest rooms, living room, dining room

Repairs in these rooms should not be done often, once every 5 years.

Paint Tip!

Before painting the walls, carefully inspect the walls and look for dents. You may need to repair the drywall before applying paint. This way, you’ll protect yourself from double work and rework.

Painting the ceiling

Don’t forget to paint the ceiling during your home renovations. It’s an excellent opportunity to add brightness and light to your rooms.

If you live in sunnier states, you may notice yellowing on white ceilings from sun exposure. There may be signs of moisture exposure in wet rooms or other visual differences.

Sometimes beginning yellowing is hard to notice before it becomes obvious because it’s a gradual process.

Repainting the ceiling separately from the walls can be impractical because you will have to remove all the furniture from the room anyway.

So at the same time as painting the walls, you can do and ceiling. It will keep the brightness and newness of the rooms.

Paint Tip!

For rooms with a lot of traffic, such as hallways, it is recommended to use eggshell paint. It gives a beautiful shine and cleans up well. (You can see the types of eggshell paint here).

But we do not advise you to paint the ceiling yourself if you have no experience. It is better to ask for help from professional painters who know their job. And your ceiling will look great for the next few years.

One more tip for you!

Use white matte paint for the ceiling. It looks great and is, therefore, the most famous ceiling paint in the world. You will immediately notice a significant brightening of the ceilings by at least 20-30% from the original version. And immediately get rid of yellowing stains, grease marks, smoke, splashes and water.


How often should I paint trim and baseboards?

An essential part of renovating a home is updating the interior trim. These include cupboards, doors, window trim, baseboards, stairs, railings, doorways and other parts of wood or another material. They are more often damage and exposed in areas of increased traffic.

These elements of the house’s interior can be painted and applied to the surface varnish. Cover small cracks with paint or varnish and large prime cracks before painting. So, depending on the location of such decorative elements, you will need to renew the coverage every 2-4 years.

So, let’s summarize. See the table:

Hallwaysevery 2 years
Bathroom and kitchenevery 3-4 years
Children’s roomevery 1-3 years
Bedroomevery 3-4 years
Guest rooms
Living room
Dining room
every 5 years
Ceilingevery 4-5 years
Trim and baseboardsevery 2-4 years

Important tips for painting the inside of your home!

After painting any parts of your home, don’t throw away the tiny amount of paint leftover. And when you hire professional painters to do the painting work, you can ask them to leave you some extra paint.

Then you can use it to touch up dents and big nicks. Occasionally touch up the damaged areas to lengthen the life of the finish.

Choose good, quality paint for your home. A cheap option is not always ideal. Also, quality paint holds its tone longer and doesn’t fray as much from damage.

Write down the name and manufacturer of the paint, the tone number or proportion when mixing the base with the toner. In the future, you can paint on top of the walls with a dye with the same composition, so there will be no paint conflict and protruding stains of old paint of a different shade.

And if you do not like the resulting shade, you can not repeat your mistakes and know what paint is better not to use. Do not rely on your memory, and take notes with a notebook, take a picture of the package or use notes on your phone.

You may forget this information over the years if you don’t refer to it regularly.

How many times can you repaint a wall?

Of course, you can repaint as many times as you like, but in practice it looks a little different.

Wallpaper painting

If you repaint wallpaper glued on putty, you can repaint it 3-4 times, then the wallpaper problems will start.

Painting on putty

If you paint on putty (through the primer), the surface must be perfect.

Ideas for wall decoration

If the surface has long been in use, there may be micro cracks, partial (local) peeling of old paint, dust, ingrained dirt. It is not always possible to fix these problems by applying a new coat of paint.

How to choose a paint color

Also consider what color the surface is and what color the new paint is.

For example, to paint over dark paint with light, rather problematic. Two coats of paint may not be enough. You will have to paint in 3 or more layers, economically viable to remove the old paint and apply new paint, than to paint on the old paint.

Experience shows that you can repaint the walls five times (each painting in 2 layers, the total number of layers of 10), the color of the paint of one shade (light), but sometimes need to remove the old paint (all layers), when the surface to be painted need repair.

If you want to read about “Tips on Small Bedroom Paint Colors and Options”, click here.

It is also important to choose the right paint. It is better to paint, even if different colors, but the same composition (paint on the same basis). But under “endless” layers of paint, the walls cease to “breathe” (worsens water vapour permeability), and it is also a problem.

And lastly, see what a fascinating thing is painting:

I hope this article was helpful to you. Keep it and share it with your friends.

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