Bathroom Paint Colors – Tips and Ideas For Proper Selection

By | 2021-05-11

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in many homes today. How much time do you spend in your bathroom? If you answered “a lot,” then you understand that choosing the right bathroom paint colors is very important. It is good to create an atmosphere that allows you to enjoy this not large, but very important space.


Why is it important to choose the right bathroom paint colors?

comfortable bathroomThe most obvious answer is that the color you choose will set the mood for any theme you want to create. When choosing a color, it’s important to select a shade that coordinates well with your fixtures, tiles, towels, and vanities.

If you are in the planning stage of your bathroom (yet to be built), you have the luxury of choosing fixtures and accessories which will be in harmony with the color you prefer.

On the other hand, if you are redecorating and repainting your current bathroom, you’ll need to choose a color that matches your existing fixtures and accessories.


Tips for Color Selection

Before you choose your colors, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are you following a specific theme in your bathroom?
  • What mood would you like to project in this space?
  • Are you trying to make it look bigger than it is?

bathroom pink designBy deciding on what you want ahead of time, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of heartaches and, potentially, some money.

Today, more and more homeowners choose to have soft and inviting colors in their bathrooms. If you want to adopt a softer and calmer color scheme, choose cool colors with pastel shades.


Read about warm and cool colors here.


Dark and contrasting colors for the bathroom

If you want to use dark colors, it is always advisable to use contrasting color schemes.

bathroom dark designA good example is when choosing a dark navy blue color. The dark color alone may make your space rather constricted, but by introducing a high contrast color such as white, you’ll be able to “open” your bathroom’s space so that it does not appear congested despite the dark color base.

Most people approach bathroom painting just like painting the rest of the rooms in the home. However, this is not the case. Remember that bathrooms are intended to one of the most functional spaces in a home.

Despite their lesser size, compared to the rest of the rooms in most homes, many accessories and fixtures must be installed, which can make painting a little more challenging.

Choosing either gloss or semi-gloss finish for your bathroom paint is often advisable because these finishes are more mildew resistant.

If you live in a home with a small bathroom space, you might often wish to enjoy a larger bathroom. That is why you need to heed some do’s and don’ts when choosing bathroom paint colors for small spaces. A bathroom can feel intimate and comfortable if you choose the right bathroom paint colors. However, failure to do so may make your bathroom feel claustrophobic.

How to Increase Your Bathroom’s size Without Remodeling?

light bathroomExpand the feel and look of you small bathroom space by using a pale or soft color scheme. As much as possible, avoid using strong colors, which will tend to constrict the space even more. Choose neutral colors and coordinate any accessories like towels to unite all the elements together and help make your bathroom appear larger.

Try to choose cool colors to help make your bathroom appear more serene and comfortable. A low ceiling will appear higher when you use lighter colors. Walls will appear wide apart when you choose light colors, giving you the illusion of larger space.

Here are some basic paint colors and the moods they create:

  • Blue is a great color that can make a room feel serene. Its association with water makes it a perennial favorite for many of the world’s bathrooms.
  • Peach is a good choice, particularly if you want to have good skin reflection. This pastel color helps make rooms appear larger.
  • Yellows and other warm colors will help introduce warmth and relaxation in your bathroom.
  • Red is a strong color that tends to excite the senses and produces a sense of intensity. Red bathrooms are not very common, but if this color suits your personality, then go ahead and indulge.
  • Green is a more vibrant color, and its association with life and springtime is often said to promote well-being and hope. If you feel like a departure from the usual tones, green might be of interest to you.




Finally, choosing the right bathroom paint color will help you enjoy your bathroom, whatever size this may be. Let the color you choose to speak about how your bathroom feels and enjoy every minute you use this space.


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